Cognitive Work Hardening Program

CVE’s Work Hardening Programs refer to conditioning programs for injured individuals who are out of work, or who are working at less than full capacity. CVE has two types of Cognitive Work Hardening Programs:

  • Clinically Based Work Hardening Program
  • Community Based Work Hardening Program

Clinically Based Work Hardening Program

Highly specialized cognitive conditioning program that transitions the individual from standard rehabilitation to return to work by simulating workplace activities and surroundings in a structured, supportive and monitored environment. Best suited for individuals who have received physical or psychological services and need further practice or strategies learnt in therapy in a controlled, simulated workplace environment. An initial assessment is completed by an occupational therapist to determine activity tolerances and workplace barriers. A customized program is then formulated which includes a systematic program of gradually progressive, work-related activities performed with the goal of psychologically reconditioning the individual in order to facilitate future return to employment in a competitive workplace setting. The program can be adapted to individuals requiring specialized equipment or assistive devices.

Community Based Work Hardening Program

Under the guidance and supervision of an Occupational Therapist and vocational counsellor an employer is selected from the community to assist in enhancing an individual’s competitive workplace skills by allowing them to practice in an actual workplace setting. Best suited for individuals who have completed all traditional therapies and require more time to build physical, cognitive and/or psychological tolerance. Employers are chosen based on similarities with the individual’s pre-accident employment tasks and responsibilities. This program provides an individual with an opportunity to practice work related activities prior to engaging in a gradual return-to-work program with their pre-injury employer. Also, this program is suited for individuals whom a gradual return to work is not currently possible with their employer.