Your Wellness and Career Management Team

President and CEO - Tim Macmillan
Tim Macmillan
President and CEO
Director of Operations - Erin Hennessy
Erin Hennessy
Director of Operations
Manager of Administrative Services - Julie Arellano-Silva
Julie Arellano-Silva
Manager of Administrative Services
Manager of Assessment Services - Dr. Damien Marion DC
Dr. Damien Marion DC
Manager of Assessment Services
Manager of Vocational Rehabilitation and Treatment Services - Alan MacEachern
Alan MacEachern
Manager of Vocational Rehabilitation and Treatment Services
Manager of Employment Services - Abbi Logan
Abbi Logan
Manager of Employment Services
Kinesiologist & Employment Counsellor - Amra Hasanic
Amra Hasanic
Kinesiologist & Employment Counsellor
Kinesiologist & Employment Counsellor - Darcie Young
Darcie Young
Kinesiologist and Employment Counsellor
Occupational Therapist - Anna Smith
Anna Smith
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist - Denise Bédard
Denise Bédard
Occupational Therapist
Physiotherapist - Alexandra (Sandra) Childs
Alexandra (Sandra) Childs
YESS Project - Karima Djerbib
Karima Djerbib
YESS Project Coordinator
SFS Project Coordinator - Vigi Paramananthan
Vigi Paramananthan,
SFS Project Coordinator
Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor - Kassandra Vidal-Tan
Kassandra Vidal-Tan
Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor
Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor & Employment Counsellor - Melodie St-Pierre
Melodie St-Pierre
Employment Counsellor & Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor
Employment Counsellor - Joseph Puzon
Joseph Puzon
Employment Counsellor
Employment Counsellor - Derek Roy
Derek Roy
Employment Counsellor
Meaghan Bews – Employment Counsellor
Meaghan Bews
Employment Counsellor
CVE Inc Ottawa/Toronto
Julia Chernoskutova
Employment Integration Specialist
Employment Integration Specialist - Laura Ciampa
Laura Ciampa
Employment Integration Specialist
Abinaya Uthayakumar
Abinaya Uthayakumar
Employment Integration Specialist
CVE Inc Ottawa/Toronto
Sherri Stelmack
YESS Project Employment Integration Specialist
Raksha Patel – Accounting Clerk
Raksha Patel
Accounting Clerk
Administrative Assistant - Micheline Leger
Micheline Leger
Administrative Assistant
Based on 21 reviews
Kevin Jimena
Kevin Jimena
November 16, 2023.
Abinaya & Joseph prepared me for the job that I currently have. They have continued to support me throughout.
Derek Roy
Derek Roy
November 13, 2023.
Excellent services in the community
Crystal V
Crystal V
August 18, 2023.
Amazing staff i had Abinaya very wonderful lady, real and hardworking helps with you wants and need highly recommend also well spoken.
julian issa
julian issa
June 6, 2022.
my experience with CVE has been awesome. Working with Michel Dauda has been a blast. helped me with my career alot. gave me a very good experience
Wivine Sungura
Wivine Sungura
May 31, 2022.
CVE has been an amazing experience for me. I want to give a special thanks to Leila and Gabby as well for going the extra mile for giving me, helping me with skills to maintain the job of my dreams@ CNIB
Walid Halabi
Walid Halabi
March 12, 2021.
Great services
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