Neurodivergent OT Coaching

Being Neurodivergent (e.g. ADHD, Tourette’s, autism, anxiety etc.) can impact all areas of life, and for some, can make what “should” be simple seem unbearable. CVE’s Neurodivergent Occupational Therapy Coaching is helpful for clients that have difficulty functioning and want evidence-based support to help improve their day-to-day. The services is individually tailored to each client’s needs and goals to help build a life that suits their brain. The coaching will help get started on the tasks clients find challenging to do, focus on what matters to them, and make a clear difference in daily work-life activities. Supported by a neurodivergent Registered Occupational Therapist who offers trauma informed services, this program will explore being Neurodivergent and identify strengths while building self-compassion.