Physiotherapists use the science of human movement to help promote, restore and improve health and function in their patients. Many individuals will work with a physiotherapist to enhance physical performance, reduce pain with activities or to rehabilitate an injury and recover from various surgical procedures. The primary method of treatment employed by a physiotherapist includes exercise rehabilitation, which is directed and focussed exercise designed to restore mobility, improve balance and proprioception as well as to strengthen and condition areas of concern or restore muscular imbalance. In addition, they may employ a wide range of modalities to help control pain and restore movement to restricted areas. Such modalities may include acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, taping, electrical stimulation such as TENS, heat and cold compresses.

CVE’s physiotherapists will work with you and coach you on how to achieve your health goals and give you the tools to achieve success, whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, reduce pain from day to day life or to rehabilitate you after an injury.