Independent Medical Examination

At CVE, we have aligned ourselves with prominent medical experts who are highly experienced in the provision of Independent Medical Examinations including Benefit/Disability determinations and Treatment Plan Reviews. Medical evaluations by CVE’s experts are completed using a timely, unbiased approach, providing information pertaining to an individual’s diagnosis, prognosis, disability status (ie, do they meet the disability test for specific benefits or return to work), treatment requirements, and barriers to rehabilitation as well as other recommendations/comments as requested.  Medical evaluations can be completed individually or as part of a multidisciplinary evaluation.

Specialty Disciplines Available:

 Cardiologist
 Certified Kinesiologist
 Chiropractor
 Dentist
 General Practitioner
 Neurologist
 Neuro-Ophthalmologist
 Neuropsychiatrist
 Neurosurgeon
 OT Rehabilitation Consultant

 Oncologist
 Respiratologist
 Ophthalmologist Surgeon
 Orthopaedic
 Physiatrist
 Psychiatrist
 Physiotherapist
 Plastic Surgeon
 Psychologist/Neuro

 Psychologist
 Psychologist/Vocational
 Psychometrist
 Registered Massage Therapy
 Registered Nurse
 Rheumatologist
 Social Worker
 Speech Language
 Otolaryngologist
 Vocational Assessor

When you refer to CVE Inc. for medical evaluation services you receive our quality commitment with every report.
CVE Inc. commits to provide with every report:

 A clinically sound conclusion
 A timely response

 An ethically sound decision
 A defensible unbiased position