Yoga Therapy

Offered by a Certified Yoga Instructor, CVE’s Yoga Therapy Program provides a one-on-one customized practice, enabling the client to experience the physical and mental health benefits of yoga in order to provide them with the tools to manage independently upon completion. The depth and slowed pace of breathing promotes balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activation (the mechanism mediating the stress response), resulting in mental and physical states of relaxation.  Yoga practice encompasses a wide breadth of unique postures that help cultivate balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. The practice of yoga requires simultaneous, sustained attention to breathing, joint positioning, movement, and the senses, thereby promoting greater mind-body attunement, mindfulness and awareness. These abilities can be generalized to foster improved self-management and functioning in response to a variety of life events. By giving clients the skills to achieve these states of being, yoga fosters enhanced coping with stress and mental health issues.  The practice can be adapted for people with all types of abilities and needs. As it requires no specialized equipment, it can safely be practiced in a variety of settings and modified to suit various environments and time restrictions.