Physical Work Hardening Program

CVE offers an intensive 8-week Physical Work Hardening Program for individual’s who have been off work due to injury or illness. We improve the individual’s physical tolerance and stamina; the purpose being to enhance their potential to reach the competitive standards of the pre-injury occupation or the physical requirements of a new occupation. A gradual approach will assist the individual in achieving their maximum functional ability.

Ideal candidates for the Physical Work Hardening Program include severely deconditioned individual’s secondary to an impairment brought on through injury or disease and those who have been out of the work force for an extended period of time with pain as their primary disability.

The Work Hardening Program is designed to improve the overall fitness and conditioning of the individual and readiness for return to work. This goal is achieved through a combination of strength and conditioning exercise along with simulation of work specific tasks. The program is a progressive exercise platform based on principles of specific adaptations to imposed demands (SAID) highlighted in the Training Effect Model.