Labour Market Research (LMR)

CVE’s Labour Market Research (LMR) service is a necessary and vital part of our vocational specialist’s role in identifying suitable occupations for individuals in the community. What enhances CVE’s LMR program is acknowledging that 90% of job opportunities exist within the hidden job market and being willing and able to diligently explore this market effectively is the key to success. This in turn allows the specialist to further encourage an individual to participate in a vocational rehab program by showing that opportunities do exist no matter the impairment or disability. Information gathered from the research also allows for specific formal training to be recommended and/or arranged, further enhancing an individual’s successful return to work. As part of CVE’s LMR, the vocational specialist also makes personal contact with potential employers in the identified vocational areas to ascertain job availability, hiring trends, research into salary, and the physical demands of the employment.