Independent Medical Examination

At CVE, we have aligned ourselves with prominent medical experts who are highly experienced in the provision of Independent Medical Examinations including Benefit/Disability determinations and Treatment Plan Reviews.

Medical evaluations by CVE’s experts are completed using a timely, unbiased approach, providing information pertaining to an individual’s diagnosis, prognosis, disability status (ie, do they meet the disability test for specific benefits or return to work), treatment requirements, and barriers to rehabilitation as well as other recommendations/comments as requested.

Medical evaluations can be completed individually or as part of a multidisciplinary evaluation.

Specialty Disciplines Available:

 Cardiologist
 Certified Kinesiologist
 Chiropractor
 Dentist
 General Practitioner
 Neurologist
 Neuro-Ophthalmologist
 Neuropsychiatrist
 Neurosurgeon
 OT Rehabilitation Consultant

 Oncologist
 Respirologist
 Ophthalmologist Surgeon
 Orthopaedic
 Physiatrist
 Psychiatrist
 Physiotherapist
 Plastic Surgeon
 Psychologist/Neuro

 Psychologist
 Psychologist/Vocational
 Psychometrist
 Registered Massage Therapy
 Registered Nurse
 Rheumatologist
 Social Worker
 Speech Language
 Otolaryngologist
 Vocational Assessor

When you refer to CVE Inc. for medical evaluation services you receive our quality commitment with every report. CVE Inc. commits to provide with every report:

 A clinically sound conclusion
 A timely response

 An ethically sound decision
 A defensible unbiased position

Based on 34 reviews
Sachin Sunda
Sachin Sunda
March 16, 2024.
I can't express enough gratitude for the incredible support I received from CVE in securing my recent job opportunity. Their team, especially Abinaya Uthayakumar, went above and beyond to match my skills with the perfect position. From resume refinement to interview coaching, she helped me in every step. Thank you, CVE, for your outstanding service, and heartfelt thanks to Abinaya for making it all possible! Highly recommend CVE to anyone seeking employment assistance.
Shreyas Shah
Shreyas Shah
February 26, 2024.
I am having awesome experience of support from CVE. Inc. Ms. Julia is proactively helping in, Job application Resume preparation and tailoring it according to the job requirements and our experience, Cover letter writing, Mock interviews and much more. I recommend every job seeker to take their assistance. They keep you motivated and makes you job ready.
Luxjan Kanagendran
Luxjan Kanagendran
February 14, 2024.
CVE continues to help me succeed after helping me find a part time job and volunteer job in any field I choose.
February 12, 2024.
This company deserves more then 5 stars! Julia C . Worked with me to continuously update my cover letter and resume for each job I applied to in my field . She supported me by doing mock interviews and gave feed back on both my strengths and weakness so I could improve . This was definitely the confidence booster I needed! She cheered me on throughout the services she provided which were personally tailored to my individual needs . If you are like me and also suffer from anxiety rest assured that she understands the importance of taking the time to understand your individual needs to better support you throughout your work journey . Julia went above and beyond and would always cheer me on before a interview and follow up with me after. I am now in a job I absolutely love because of the consistent support and guidance I received from her. Hands down the most knowledgeable and supportive company in this field . Highly recommended!
Yasmeen Al-Sheikh
Yasmeen Al-Sheikh
February 9, 2024.
I really like CVE service because they helped me with looking for a job and are very friendly/outgoing. Thank you.
maya nurlu
maya nurlu
February 9, 2024.
I have had such a great experience working with them, especially Julia Chernostukova. She is like a career hero for me, helping me figure out where I want to go and how to get there.Her expertise has been instrumental in guiding me to a new career path that aligns perfectly with my goals and needs. Julia has incredible knowledge and resources in the field, consistently providing insights and advice to my individual needs. Julia also has a great talent for crafting resumes.I am so thankful for all the help and support she has given me.
Mishu Islam
Mishu Islam
February 8, 2024.
I’ve been a client with CVE for a year and I have been working with Julia Chernoskutova. Julia has been exceptionally helpful in building my resume, applying to jobs and preparing me for interviews by doing mock interviews and giving me lots of constructive feedback. I really appreciate the work that CVE does. Thanks.
February 1, 2024.
Career services went above my expectations with personalized guidance that matched my goals perfectly. From fixing my resume to getting ready for interviews, the team really helped with my job search. I highly recommend them for good career support.
Anna Cleat
Anna Cleat
January 31, 2024.
I love it here! The staff are really nice and friendly!
Karishma Lakhan
Karishma Lakhan
January 31, 2024.
It was a pleasure to work alongside Meaghan. She was kind, understanding and accommodating. In the process I got to learn so much. Highly recommend. They really do their best.
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