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Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 4N4


CVE Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals focused on providing information, guidance and mentorship to fulfil our keystone goal “Helping you make the right decisions”.   CVE Inc. has been providing unparalleled services to the disability community, employers, insurance providers, worker compensation boards, and government ministries since 1993. 

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Vocational Rehabilitation Phase

Industrial Agency

  • provide supportive return to work interventions and prevention strategies
  • help develop a gradual return to work plan
  • complete accommodation assessment
  • ergonomic assessment
  • develop community or clinically based work hardening programs based on the need

Occupational Therapy — Early Intervention

Industrial Agency

An occupational Therapist performs specific evaluations to create prevention programs which can help prevent relapse as well as assist worker to return to gainful employment, volunteer work or return to school

Strategies and intervention used include:

  • psycho-educational
  • help develop master or illness (self management skills and recovery)
  • training with stigma countering and disclosure strategies
  • strain management and coping
  • context specific social skills and skills in social networking development
  • help maintain communication with family and peers
  • help develop a health an wellness daily routine

Post Offer of Employment Test

Industrial Agency

POET is used to evaluate whether an employee is able to meet the essential physical demands of a particular occupation after or before the hiring process. Assessment involves a customized functional capacity evaluation completed by a registered Kinesiologist or Occupational Therapist using standardized assessment tools.

Vocational Enhancement Assessment

Industrial Agency


The program is developed to identify basic competitive employment skills within individuals who have little to no literacy resulting in identification of employment options

Process- 1 day assessment

Transferable Skills Analysis- Intensive interview to garner information on the individual’s life experiences

Interests- identifying an individuals work preference through either picture interest inventories or structure discussion

Academic Achievement- testing of ability in basic literacy involving numbers and words with standardized and non standardize tests

New learning-  Exploring the best modality for new learning

Individual Worker Trait Profile- Upon completion ofthis assessment types of employment will be identified that the individual has the skills and ability to perform and suggested methods of skill acquisitionwill be suggested

Workplace Accommodate Assessment

Industrial Agency

An occupational therapist completes a job site visit to identify the physical, cognitive and/or psychological barriers to a worker returning to or reaching peak performance at work. Areas assessed also include the physical, institutional and social environment.

While conducting the assessment, we collaborate with all stakeholders including human resource departments, managers, unions and workers to negotiate appropriate workplace accommodations for a variety of medical conditions.   Following this, CVE provides specific and clear recommendations in a written report to promote a seamless implementation of workplace accommodations.  Best suited for clients with chronic pain, orthopaedic injuries, brain injuries and visual and hearing impairments.  Can be completed in conjunction with psychologist for complex mental illnesses. 

Psycho-vocational Assessment

Industrial Agency

A Psycho-Vocational Assessment is performed generally by a team consisting of a psychologist and vocational specialist.  The assessment consists of a series of standardized vocational and psychological testing developed to identify the cognitive level, behavioural traits, and vocational interest of an individual and match these results to vocational opportunities.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Industrial Agency

Often included as an element of a vocational evaluation, the transferable skills analysis (TSA) looks at the claimant’s occupational history, including previous training and education, to compile a list of the claimant’s current vocational skill sets. This information is then used to identify jobs for which these skill sets are required.

Labour Market Research (LMR)

Industrial Agency

Think of the LMR as the process of applying the information gleaned through the vocational evaluation/TSA process to the real world: research into the availability of identified jobs in the claimant’s geographic area, personal contact with potential employers in the identified vocational areas to ascertain job availability, and research into salary and the physical demands of the job.