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CVE Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals focused on providing information, guidance and mentorship to fulfil our keystone goal “Helping you make the right decisions”.   CVE Inc. has been providing unparalleled services to the disability community, employers, insurance providers, worker compensation boards, and government ministries since 1993. 

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Pool Program

Industrial Agency

CVE provides custom Aquafit exercise programs at the client’s preferred gym location or home pool either in Ottawa or Outaouais regions. Trainer is a certified Kinesiologist who specializes in Aquafitness for the recovery of physical injuries or mental illness. Sessions are customizes to meet the recovery needs of the individual. They are provided on a one-to-one basis.

The benefits of Aquatherapy includes pain management through decreasing the impact forces that your body is subjected to in traditional land therapy sessions thus allowing you to move with greater ease and less pain.  Water has a soothing, calming, and relaxing effect on people. The introduction to pool exercises with a trainer helps to promote a regular physical activity and fitness routine which has its benefits on mental health

Dragon Naturally Speaking Training

Industrial Agency

Clinically based training customized to an injured worker’s needs administered by a trained Dragon Naturally Speaking expert and vocational rehabilitation specialist. Best suited for workers with physical disabilities or individuals wanting to increase productivity in the workplace. 

Training is 20 hours and includes ergonomic setup at workplace of device and free follow technical support for the initial first month. This trainer teaches the user how to operate Dragon dictation software for everything from dictating text to controlling a PC. Ms. Amra Hasanic explains how to set up Dragon, train it to recognize your voice, and use it for dictating text. The course also highlights capabilities such as correcting errors and leveraging common dictation shortcuts, and techniques to improve Dragon's accuracy to best serve its purpose in a competitive workplace setting.

The user also learn how to control the Windows desktop, open and close apps, and work with popular software like Word, Outlook, Excel, and web browsers.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Dragon profile
  • Dictating basic text
  • Correcting errors and actions
  • Dictating numbers
  • Formatting text
  • Making revisions
  • Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with other programs
  • Controlling the mouse and keyboard with Dragon
  • Improving Dragon's accuracy

Personal Training

Industrial Agency

CVE Personal Training services are completed by a licenced occupational therapist or kinesiologist using the standards from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and their respected colleges.  Exercise programs are customized can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular conditioning, endurance, and flexibility.  Programs are also devoted to promote overall healing and wellness. Session can be completed at your home or our clinic. Sessions are one hour in length unless otherwise specified.

Progressive Goal Attainment (PGAP)

Industrial Agency

PGAP is a standardized ten (10)-week intervention program whose goal is to maximize the rate of progress in rehabilitation and reduce the probability of the development of chronicity. PGAP is a suitable intervention for individuals with pain-related limitations who are in need of an active mobilization intervention and for whom psycho-social issues such as fear of re-injury or pessimistic outlook are considered to be important contributors to disability. PGAP focuses on disability reduction as opposed to pain reduction. It is an Evidence-Based Treatment Program for Reducing Disability Associated with Pain, Depression, Cancer and other Chronic Health Conditions.

The Process of Treatment In the initial weeks of the Program, the focus is on developing a structured activity schedule to assist the client in resuming activities that have been adversely impacted by injury or illness. Activity goals are established in order to promote resumption of family, social and occupational roles. In the final stages of the Program, the intervention focuses on activities that will facilitate re-integration into the workplace.

Individualized Occupational Therapy Sessions

Industrial Agency

Occupational therapists use a systematic approach based on evidence and professional reasoning to enable individuals, groups and communities to develop the means and opportunities to identify, engage in and improve their function in the occupations of life. The process involves assessment, intervention and evaluation of the client related to occupational performance in self-care, work, study, volunteerism and leisure.

Occupational therapy services typically include

  • Customized treatment programs to improve one's ability to perform daily activities
  • Comprehensive home and job site evaluations with adaptation recommendations
  • Performance skills assessments and treatment
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training
  • Guidance to family members, caregivers and stakeholders

Work Hardening Program

Industrial Agency

Work hardening programs refer to conditioning programs for injured workers who are out of work, or who are working at less than full capacity.  CVE has two types of work hardening programs.

1.  Clinically based hardening program

Highly specialized physical or cognitive conditioning rehabilitation program that transitions the client from standard rehabilitation to return to work by simulating workplace activities and surroundings in a structured, supportive and monitored environment.  The clinical program is best suited for client who has received physical or psychological services and is in the need of further practice for strategies learned.  The clinical program is effective for those clients who require a monitored and controlled simulated workplace environment. An initial assessment is completed by an occupational therapist to determine activity tolerances and workplace barriers. A customized program is then formulated which includes a systematic program of gradually progressive, work-related activities performed with the goal of physically and psychologically reconditioning the patient in order to facilitate future return to employment in a competitive workplace setting.  The program can be adapted to workers requiring specialized adapted equipment or assistive devices.

2.  Community based hardening program

Under the guidance and supervision of an occupational therapist and vocational counsellor an employer is selected from the community to assist in enhancing the client’s competitive workplace skills by allowing them to practice in an actual workplace setting.  Best suited for client who have completed all traditional therapies and require more time to build physical, cognitive and/or psychological tolerance. Employers are chosen based on similarities with the injured worker’s pre accident employment tasks and responsibilities.  Provides client with opportunity to practice work related activities prior to engaging in a gradual return-to-work program with their pre-injury employer.  Also suited for client whom a gradual return to work is not currently possible with their employer.