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1900 Merivale Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 4N4


CVE Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals focused on providing information, guidance and mentorship to fulfil our keystone goal “Helping you make the right decisions”.   CVE Inc. has been providing unparalleled services to the disability community, employers, insurance providers, worker compensation boards, and government ministries since 1993. 

Privacy Commitment


CVE Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of it's employees, clients/customers and confidential

business information. All CVE employees are obligated to ensure that personal information to which they may have access remains confidential, is only used for the purposes for which it was collected, is not disclosed without authorization or used for personal gain.

CVE employees are required to follow all procedures regarding collection, use, and disclosure of personal information as set out in this policy.  Employees who disclose personal information, contrary to this policy will be subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including discharge for cause.

The CVE Privacy Manager is accountable for the implementation of this policy. Any issues or questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Privacy Manager.


All employees at one time or another may receive personal, privileged and/or confidential information

which may concern other employees, company operations or clients/customers. The purpose of this policy is to preserve the privacy of employees, clients and CVE Inc, by outlining employee obligations and procedures for dealing with personal, privileged and/or confidential information.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, subcontractors of CVE Inc or anyone else who is granted access to personal, privileged and/or confidential information.


CVE Inc. is committed to be responsible for:

·         Keeping their employee files current regarding name, address, phone number, dependents, etc.

·         Being familiar with and following policies and procedures regarding personal information.

·         Obtaining the proper consents and authorizations prior to disclosure of personal, privileged and/or confidential information.

·         Immediately reporting any breaches of confidentiality to their Supervisor.

·         Keeping private passwords and access to personal, privileged and/or confidential data.

·         Explaining this policy to clients and referring them to the Privacy Manger if necessary.

·         Relinquishing any personal, privileged, confidential or client information in their possession before or immediately upon termination of             employment.

·         Ensuring policies and procedures regarding collection, use and disclosure of personal information are consistently adhered to.

·         Responding to requests for disclosure after the proper release is obtained.

·         Cooperating with Manager to investigate complaints or breaches of policy.

·         Obtaining from terminating employees prior to their termination any personal, privileged, confidential or client information in                              their possession.


"Personal information" is any information about an identifiable individual and includes race, ethnic origin, colour, age, marital status, family status, religion, education, medical history, criminal record, employment history, financial status, address, telephone number, and any numerical identification, such as Social Insurance Number.


All CVE Inc. clients and employees have a right to access personal information gathered directly or through a third party enterprise.  Information will be released with consent only and subject to CVE legal restrictions or rights of refuse. When an error in the gathered personal information is identified, CVE clients have  the right to request correction.

All activities or inquiries concerning the gathering, correction, and or release of personal information will be directed to the CVE Privacy Manager in writing. Please see the release form below.


Since January 1, 2004, CVE Inc. is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Additional information can be gathered by contacting The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

The CVE Inc. Privacy Commitment is subject to amendments and any changes will be posted on websites.